Enigma2: Release 3.2.1
Machine: Dreambox dm7020hd
Date: 20111109
Issuer: Dream Multimedia
Link: http://sources.dreamboxupdate.com/op...m7020hd/rel_32
MD5: 5498d3f33fd9fd81265fb22ee7552d87
enigma2 (20110929 rel32 -> 20111109 rel32)
fixed sometimes not correctly mounted harddiscs after bootup
fixed coverart display in media player
fixed switching of regional broadcast window (WDR3 et al.)
fixed crash on recordpath selection
fixed wizard "no scan question/default services question" after DVB-C/T hybrid tuner type change
fixed some alternative skins (rc0-rc2.png was missing)
fixed language selection (speed)
fixed IPTV services in bouquet without SID
fixed inoperable PVR/TV button (dreambox keyboard)
fixed EPG encoding for RTL/Eurosport Transponder on Astra 19.2
record timers: fixed invalid conflicts on creation of new timers, when using the DVB-C/T tuner module
worked on NAS recording performance
optimized new file erase algo a bit (take care of hardlinks and softlinks)
added support for externally linked tuners

hardware drivers (20110928 -> 20111109)
fixed support for transponders with high bitrate (no CI yet)
fixed 1080p23/24/30 support
fixed LED handling (like dm8000 now)
fixed inoperable AUDIO button on DM7020HD remote control (dip switch depending)

optimized blindscan (ignore TPs found twice, low SR crash)
fixed init after deepstandby
fixed sometimes incorrectly detected modulation and system during blind scan (QPSK <-> 8PSK, DVB-S <-> DVB-S2)

==>> release-dm7020hd-3.2.1.nfi - Changelog