Three convictions achieved in Poland
Dream Multimedia, the leading supplier of Linux-based set-top boxes, continues to pursue vigorously all merchants attempting to market pirated copies of the DM500. In Poland, the manufacturer of the Dreambox achieved three convictions, against two companies and a private person.

The Polish company Visoduck, based in Warsaw, was convicted and sentenced to a payment equivalent to more than 50.000 Euros to Dream. In addition, the company Telcomnet from Radom will have to pay just on 6.000 Euros to Dream. In both cases, the court in Warsaw found the companies had sold *****d boxes of the DM500 commercially. At this stage, both companies can still appeal against the convictions.

No further appeal is possible against the finding of a higher court in Warsaw in the case of a private person who attempted to import 150 *****d DM500 receivers into Poland. Customs officials confiscated the satellite receivers to ensure they did not go into circulation. The person concerned now has to bear the costs for the destruction of the pirated copies.

Where customers note poor product quality or exceptionally low prices, they should always be suspicious. What looks like a bargain may well be a low-quality *****. Dreambox customers can use the verification system at to confirm they have purchased an original.

Dream spokesperson Alpaslan Karasu: „The success in Poland has strengthened our resolve to continue to pursue everybody who attempts to bring pirated copies of our Dreamboxes into circulation by all legal means. I can only advise consumers not to fall for such so-called bargains. Only the originals produced by Dream Multimedia will provide the expected high quality.“