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Thread: EPG data Denmark

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    Default EPG data Denmark

    Thanks for your great efforts, Rytec, but sorry to report that:
    is ALL WRONG, language wise. Most title/descriptions are in Swedish, only a few in Danish and some in English
    This might be a source (ONTV) problem, but please look into it.. Many thanks in advance :-)

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    I have to say that most danish channels have danish epg, and I have made with great care the mappings of the danish channels to the danish epg.

    However a complete range of things can go wrong, and before I go on a wild goose chase, i want to check if did not do anything stupid like selecting two or three of the nordic sources?

    The channels from Norway, Danmark and sweden are tightly connected. They are even the same channel. It is not possible to attach three languages to the same channel. Therefore we have constructed a danish, a norwegian and a swedish package. All three packages contain the same (more or less) channels, with the language preference of the country. The epg of the other nordic channels is then given in the language of the originating country f.i. SVT will be swedish.

    Sometimes the epg is in english, this happens when no language in the required language is available.

    So - only load the epg package for your country
    The epg of the other Nordic channels is included.

    Pls. check if you have not done something like this.

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