hello to all
my problem is with a greek usb dvb stick called CRYPTO ReDi PC 100 (187f:0201 - Siano Nova B Digital Receiver)
i want to install it on a dm800hd in oe 2.0 images(no problem in oe 1.6 and usb 4.3b.ipk or dvb app)
it's not working with the dvb app of the image(it shows it green but nothing) so...
I install via telnet usbtuner_0.7.3x_all.ipk for oe 2.0 and after finding it as an smsusb was trying to install it.At the end was a message saying that i should install firmware because it did not find it
so i run via telnet the script :#/usr/script/usbtnrsetup.sh download_drivers to download and install the drivers that smsusb needed
at the end i made a hard reboot to the box but...nothing at the tuner configuration
do i missing something?
did i do something wrong?
is this device really working on DE4 r004?
i see it as a connected {OK}when i run the script: /usr/script/usbtnrsetup.sh extended_status but at the end nothing
i stuck on oe 1.6 images and i want to "explore" the oe 2.0
and the problem is that i don't have other dvb reciever and i use only that

P.S i have also a chinese dvb stick using rtl 2832 u drivers but from what i'm reading it's much more difficult to identifying and work on oe 2.0 images for a noob(oe 2.0) like me!