DVD Backup FOR ONLY IMG FLASH, no multiboot

EDIT 03.09.2009 - New version:
Please remove the old package first!
-added german translation
-added italian translation. thx to Spaeleus
-added abort function
-added file-scan function
-added function to sort the progress-list (first show the "backing-up-file", then the not started and at least the finished)
-show backup-duration after backup finished
-show also *.BUP files in progress-screen
-splited dvdbackup / dvdbackup-e2-plugin into own packages
-fix: errors were shown in info-messageboxes

EDIT 08.09.2009 - New version:
-improved read files function
-auto-get dvd-name when entering plugin
-pot and de.po update
-added eject function
-show plugin also in plugin-list

EDIT 09.09.2009 - New version:
-added plugin icon. thx to JackDaniel
-fix: crash when installing and using plugin without enigma2 restart

EDIT 11.09.2009 - New version:
-de and pot update
-added mkisofs support
-don't show VTS_00_0.* files in list
-give error outputs in console
-added location-selection for write-directory (blue button)