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Thread: LiveScores v0.4

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    Default LiveScores v0.4

    LiveScores v0.4

    First release of LiveScores plugin. It reads RSS feeds from

    - Country flag
    - Configurable list of leagues to show
    - Adds new leagues from RSS
    - Default league configuration is None, Yes/No are preserved in enigma configuration
    - Configurable skipping of empty leagues
    - HD and SD skin
    - Changes in python changes are visible with next plugin start (no GUI restart is needed)

    Any localizations are welcome in this thread. This is good place also to put bugs.

    LiveScores plugin
    Displays soccer live scores
    Author: COoLoSER

    2. Thanks to:
    - my friend Crash for all graphics and skins

    4. Keys
    Bouquet+ - Moves to next league
    Bouquet- - Moves to previous league
    Left - Jumps to next events page
    Right - Jumps to previous events page
    Up - Moves to previous event
    Down - Moves to next event

    5. Changelog

    v0.3 (First public release)

    v0.4 (Bug fix release)
    - XML parsing error handler added
    - fix for Soccerstand wrong xml formating, '$' replaced to '&' before parsing
    - SoccerstandParser tests removed
    - League Setup screen renamed
    - Added 'de' locale thanks to OoZooN
    - Added 'es' locale thanks to titovich
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