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    Default got stab hh120 with dm900 fbc multistream need setup

    hi all
    have dm900 dreamelite with fbc multistream tuner
    in tuner 1 use diseqc 4x 1 4 dish work well in tuner 2 i bought stab hh120 is well installed in technician with his device turn well all sats with good signals
    in my dm900 i use advanced setting
    Configuration Mode: Advanced Satellite: Astra 2A / 2B / 2D / Eurobird 1 (28.2E) Change LNB LNB 1 Priority: Auto LOF: universal LNB voltage mode: Polarization Voltage increase: yes Tone Mode: Mode band DiSEqC : 1.2 Toneburst: None DiSEqC Committed: None DiSEqC fast: no repeat sequence: no order Command: committed toneburst command Uncomitted DiSEqC: None DiSEqC repeat: nobody Longitude: Set this to the correct Longitude XXXXXX longitude XXXXX
    My location
    put all choosen sats to lnb1
    but when do search got some sat with minimum of channels sat who catched not get all channels other sat with 0 channels with technician reciever all sat with good signal
    any one can help to setting my stab
    in his box when catch any frequency of any sat he save this and go to next sat catch signal and save it after his box save all sats when search go directly to this sat
    mine no
    thanx for any suggestion

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    Default Re: got stab hh120 with dm900 fbc multistream need setup

    Just a suggestion, try to load a motorized list on your receiver i.e. Vhannibal motor settings and test if you can receive all sats, I mean if stab motor moves to correct positions on each satellite.
    I've a DM920 with a config similar yours and all works well. Other thing, after you've loaded the right settings go into tuner settings and add all satellites into this menu or motor will not move.

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