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    Default Mount sda1 error

    Part 1
    Hello new topic of research and help.
    I have flash installed of course DE-7.0 and starting from flash, I can configure all and mount sda1 automatically from configuration -> device, without problem without errors for example sda1 --> /media/ba, this creates an automatic entry in FSTAB like this:
    /dev/disk/by-uuid/e1d76d49-5a9d-4499-b3cb-90a4bfd00fcb /media/ba auto auto, nofail 0 0
    Why I mount there sda1? because this is where BarryAllen is installed in sda1 /media/ba
    the device is mounted, has no errors and I can restart the dreambox always mount the device.

    Part 2
    After installing from BarryAllen new image DE-7.0 as usual in sda1 and reboot for select new image, start the dreambox from usb-> sda1 the new image DE-7.0 and configure it.
    But it never lets me mount sda1 in any directory like /media/ba or any other. configuration -> device --> There is no mountpoint defined ...
    I mount normally --> Manually select a mountpoint -> media/ba -> save --> ERROR-> there was an error while configuring device
    I guess because sda1 which is now the device that contains the OS will be busy or whatever.

    I tried to edit FSTAB myself and put:
    /dev/disk/by-uuid/e1d76d49-5a9d-4499-b3cb-90a4bfd00fcb /media/ba auto auto, nofail 0 0
    Reboot the Dreambox and start from USB, but the device does not appear mounted in configuration -> device --> There is no mountpoint defined ...

    Part 3
    Why do I want to mount the device?
    Because every time I restart the Dreambox, a popup message warning comes out, the usb30 no files display on your device. ]or something similar
    And frankly it bothers me a lot of popup and also not knowing why I can't mount the device as I do from FLASH

    It has a solution? Can sda1 be mounted even if Dreambox boots from usb -> sda1?
    It's important to me, and so not having to endure the popup warning and also know that sd1 is mounted correctly

    Thank you for the support of the Dream-Elite team
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