Trying to install dream-elite-7.0-dreamone-20190622.rootfs.tar but does not progress in the wizard. (see photo attachment)
Can hit exit but by reboot I am back in the same place.
The same thing happened yesterday and ended late last night, today my power supply was dead. Now uses power supply to a dm520.
HTML Code:
consol log:
Created:      Sun Jun 23 08:15:43 2019
Image Type:   AArch64 Linux Script (uncompressed)
Data Size:    621 Bytes = 0.61 kB = 0.00 MB
Load Address: 00000000
Entry Point:  00000000
   Image 0: 613 Bytes = 0.60 kB = 0.00 MB
Warning: Could not read CA!
Warning: Please consider updating your rescue loader![*] Creating boot image[*] Writing bootblob.bin to /dev/boot
151+1 records in
151+1 records out
9938944 bytes (9.5MB) copied, 0.203190 seconds, 46.6MB/s[*] Unmounting '/mnt/dev'[*] Unmounting '/mnt/proc'[*] Unmounting '/mnt/run'[*] Unmounting '/mnt/sys'[*] Unmounting '/mnt/tmp'[*] Remounting '/dev/dreambox-rootfs' to '/mnt'[*] Extracting '/tmp/tmp.y7KXpw/settings.tar.gz' to '.'[*] Deleting files and directories contained in backup
removed directory: '/mnt/etc/dropbear'
removed directory: '/mnt/etc/enigma2'
removed '/mnt/etc/hostname'
removed '/mnt/etc/machine-id'[*] Restoring configuration files[*] Extracting '/tmp/tmp.y7KXpw/settings.tar.gz' to '/mnt'[*] Restoring root password[*] Saving list of installed packages
'tmp/.recovery/packages.bak' -> '/mnt/etc/enigma2/packages.bak'[*] Unmounting '/mnt'[*] Remounting '/data' (rw)[*] Updating recovery cache (settings.tar.gz)[*] Unmounting '/data'[*] Finished successfully. You may reboot now.