I have installed Dream-Elite-4.1-dm7020hdv2-20161130.nfi image in my DM7020 HD v2 and noticed a strange behaviour of the box. If internet (the cable from router to ethernet) is not connected, the startup (switching on with the switch on the back panel) is not successful. The box starts booting alright, the display and TV screen show the booting, but when it comes to the end both the display and the TV screen go black and DM7020 HD v2 doesn´t respond to any command except switching off on the back panel. If I switch it on again, the whole thing repeats. If I, at that point, plug in the internet cable, the box starts to work normally, it shows the not encrypted channels, plays back the recordings on HDD, etc. If then I disconnect the internet cable again, the box continues to function normally without internet connection.

I´ve had a number of Dreamboxes and all of them were normally booting and working without internet connection where it was not available. So in this case it´s impossible to use the box autonomously (internet independent) to watch the clear channels and playback the recordings. Is it due to a faulty image or is it a normal (different) way of functioning? Should I try to flash another image? Haven´t tried other images yet.