Hi guys. Sorry for me English I use Google translator
A few days ago I download "DE 4.1" for DM800SE oe2.0 and put it into flash, but I can not change the default_HD skin, not even by the default skin of enigma2.
Any skin that I test results in an enigma2 lock and the command does not respond.
This problem is due to an error in this image "DE 4.1"?
Or on the contrary is due to incompatibility of the skins tested, including skin default enigma2?
In "/media/hdd" There is no crashlog, just the OLED goes black and the command stops responding.
I want to upgrade to "DE 4.1" but I also want to be able to choose between different skins I can install.

Is there any way to install hd_glass 16 and it works?
Or should the programmers of the skin adapt it to "DE 4.1"?

Thanks friends and regards