Changelog of 25.02.2019

update DE enigma2
- update german and italian language
- remove option to install picon on wizard
- moved DE stuff from plugin folder to our own DE Folder (no need to run as a plugin. It will be callable fix in DE Panel)
- update satelites.xml to latest version (thanks @ Reinh@ard)
- update enigma2 to v4.3.2r3:
  • updated translations
  • InputDeviceManager
  • rework/cleanup UI
  • rework paring process
  • drop PIN pair in favor of simply using OK on a selected device
  • fixed reversed MAC addresses
  • fixed false negatives in firmware-presence-check on boxes having a crowded boot process
  • added Source/Converter for Input Device Battery/RSSI Text and Progress, with "session.InputDevice" as global source
  • SleepTimer: rework by Sven H.
  • Streaming: Add AIT to streaming services (for HbbTV over Partnerbox)
  • rowser: fixed flicker while rendering
  • NetworkManager: added timeserver configuration
  • Plugin-Icon support for skinners (by
  • fixed GUI lag on streaming-service zapping
  • fixed issue with blending in FullHD skins (change framerate from 60FPS to 50FPS)
  • FHD skin updates
  • CeC: added amazon vendor id
  • TempFanControl: added update by gutemine (FHD skin, easier extensibility)
  • eDBusInterface/dreamboxctl: added getDuration() (required for latest plaincast)
  • and more fixes here and there....
  • group identical debug messages by appending "(%d times)" instead of repeating them
  • prevent "unhandled POLLERR/HUP/NVAL for fd" log spam
  • fixed broken epg next query
  • eslider fixes

update DE Panel to v2.3
- added DE Picon Loader (Tool to download automatically all picons which you have in your Bouquet)

update DreamOS Core
- add RTL8812AU wifi driver