Go to blu panel Addons, download and install XC Plugin IPTV Player



Restart enigma2, go to etc/enigma2 (OE2.0) or var/keys (OE2.2) and edit the file xc_key.xml as follow

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<xtream_e2portal_url><=!=[=C=D=A=T=A=[http:// ilmioserver.ddns.net:18001/enigma2.php]=]=></xtream_e2portal_url>
ilmioserver.ddns.net:18001 is noip and port provided from your server IPTV
Login is the username provided from your server IPTV
Password is the password provided from your server IPTV

save the file on the and restart enigma2, open the XCplugin and you will find your lists.


Only with VOD you can use number to jump back and for the movie


Button 1 = -10 sec
Button 4 = -1 min
Button 7 = - 5 min
Button 3 = + 10 sec
Button 6 = +1 min
Button 9 = +5 min

Blu button continue play OFF/ON = start or not next movie at the end
Yellow button Play/Pause = start or stop the movie