First,I hope that my question doesn't break any rules here,and maybe a kind member of the team can help me.I've find scripts for all kind of cam's for DE image,but I need a script for dual start ( for e.g mgcamd + oscam,oscam for reading my official sub ,and mgcamd as client for oscam,I don't like oscam as server+client,or maybe mgcamd+newcs).I want to start the cardserver first(oscam,newcs),and after for e.g 5 sec the local client (mgcamd).
I don't need cam files,binary,configs or anything,only a simple .socket and .service file.
I hope my topic is not offensive ,and ,if it is,please delete it.
I don't know where I can find this info,and I don't ask anything illegal ,only a simple script,nothing more.
Thanks a lot!
Best Regards!