enigma2 20150528 -> 20151202
- fixed H264 video detection of some TV services (sometimes AC3 descriptors are sent on the videopid?!?.... ignore this for now)
- CommonInterfaceAssignment: dont crash when no accessible CI is available
- allow to override broken transponders (same TSID/ONID combinations) via /etc/enigma2/scan_tp_valid_check.py again
- DVDPlayer
- reset the in_menu state on service stop (fixes buttons not working on next service start .. probably after choosing another iso file or dvd folder via filebrowser)
- small fixes (from go4dream)
- unicable.xml: add Spaun SUS5581/33NF models (thx to Uenz)
- PicturePlayer: allow to disable the pictureplayer border to allow unscaled pictures up to skin resolution
useful for displaying test images to optimize sharpness, contrast, brightness settings)
- set http timeout for servicemp3 streaming to 30 seconds
- delay playService requests until the ChannelSelection is fully initialized
- fixed hbbtv video download
- added si2166b blindscan support
- added use SCPC search range option for si2166b tuner
- show correct nim slot descriptions in infobar and serviceinfo dialog (A1/A2/B1/B2) skin must support this!!
- optimized speed of servicescan without NIT a bit
- small dvdplayer fixes (from go4dream)