enigma2 20140314 -> 20140616

enigma2 20140314 -> 20140616
- correctly apply AC3/PCM delay on mediafile play (MKV, MP4....)
- small datetime converter fix
- HdmiCec:
  - broadcast system standby instead of sending it only to the tv (fixes AVR's not turning off)
  - impelment basic volume punchthrough
  - add hack for not working CEC poweroff on strange TVs not provides a EDID when powered off
  - fixed possible lost cec commands on enigma2 shutdown
- fixed possible crash on harddisk re-init, allow fsck for ext4 (thx to jophi)
- re-read .cuts file during playback when needed (e.g. record stopped)
  dont overwrite .cuts file on record stop... just append event markers
  see http://www.dream-multimedia-tv.de/board/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=18468&pageNo=1
- added US_ULTRA and US_JUMBO band to cablescan
- add needed changes for current DVB-C tuner transponder search tools
- fixed crash (TYPO) on mute press (delete) on end of textfield