enigma2 20130114 (master) -> 20130216 (master)


- Mediaplayer: add possibility to clear the playlist from within playlist and filebrowser
- Hdmi CEC: Send Source Inactive when going into standby (not system standby which usually causes a total mess)
- SEC: dont use increased voltage for unicable by default.. .. always use 13V as low voltage.. but 18/19 by user config
- Teletext Subtitles: fixed wrongly displayed czech/slovak LATIN SMALL LETTER T WITH CEDILLA instead of LATIN SMALL LETTER T WITH CARON
- UPnP: properly shut down the controlpoint with all devices WE (server, renderer, etc) registered so they disappear from all clients
- fixed now/next query for services without entry in lamedb (e.g. IPTV services)
- added automatic inactivity shutdown timer after choosable time (by EU rule default 3 hours)
- added possibilty to skin listbox scrollbars - fixed recording problems with enabled linux swap
- some twisted fixes (fixes some not working plugins without installed webif)
- changed stopTimeshift function a bit to allow switching to live ts but dont stop timeshift (can be used by external plugins)
- dont jump past end of file when do relative jumps in recordings
- add possibility to disable gstreamer subtitle support because of gstreamer memory leak (Gstreamer is for Linux what DirectShow is for Windows - this is the bugs ML)

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