- All what you do is on your own responsabilities .

- Do you want to do a software update?
No problem but first you better select the default skin and after software update you can go back to your preferred skin.

- Do you want use Barry Allen to backup and restore your image? Yes we can (obama's motto) but first:

Start from the flash image and select the default skin. I also suggest you to do a "bainit 90" from telnet, this to prevent any possible bad system files on your media.
Once you did a filesystem check with "bainit 90", you can do your image backup.

Remember: Restore your image always after you started from the flash image. If you try to backup or restore while you are using the image from your USB memory, this will
maybe crash your image, or let you still do a backup but then this backup will not work properly or not at all on your dreambox.