Dream Elite is proud to announce an Android-app for all our users:

DreamElite - Android app

"to control your receiver running your Dream Elite-image and to video stream" (LAN only).

With the DreamElite-app you can control your receiver using most features which you normally can do through your receiver's Web Interface or your Remote Control. You can set and handle timers, read EPG, consult your movies/recordings, send messages and much more. Many features are also available remotely if you set up port-forwarding on your router. You can also use your DreamElite-app and its virtual Remote Control in replacement of your original Remote Control (most commands are supported). In addition, you can watch TV and movies by streaming in your LAN. All this directly from your Android.

You can download the DreamElite Android App directly from Google Play (former Android Market). The link is: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...ite.dreamelite. Additional download sites such as SlideME will be added soon.

This is the first release of the app and with your help, we trust to improve the app further over the next updates.

There is a support-forum at http://www.dream-elite.net/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=183. You are more then welcome to communicate bugs, add your suggestions for improvements or discuss the app in general. A FAQ has also been published there which should cover most common questions you might have in regard to the DreamElite-app.

We hope you will enjoy the DreamElite-app just as much as we have enjoyed developing this first release.


-Tilleke (developer)
-Arshavir (graphics)
-Ferrari3005 (initial idea)
-SatRunner (forum-support)
-and all beta-testers

Your DreamElite-Team

-to use the DreamElite-app, a receiver with a DreamElite-image installed is required. However, the DreamElite-app supports multiple-profiles and once you have set up a receiver running a DreamElite-image in your receiver-profiles, you may add other Linux-based receivers (compatabile with E1 and E2).
-for streaming TV and movies in your LAN, a rather powerful Android-device is required but most devices sold over last two years should be sufficient. In addition, you need to install an external Android video-player such as VPlayer(pay-app),DaroonPlayer/MX Video Player (free) just to mention a few.