DM8000 HD PVR and DM800 HD win readers‘ choice competition run by Auerbach publishers
The readers of DIGITAL FERNSEHEN, HD+TV, DIGITAL TESTED as well as of the online platform have reached a verdict: Readers voted the DM8000 HD PVR resp. the DM800 HD into first place in the categories HDTV CI receiver and HDTV PVR receiver respectively. „This choice confirms our products fully fulfill the expectations of consumers in terms of how they prefer to consume media contents in a digital world“, says Dream spokesperson Alpaslan Karasu with a happy smile when he heard of the accolades.

These were not the only awards Dream Multimedia picked up at the awards ceremony held at the end of April in the new home of the Auerbach publishing house in Leipzig/Germany. In addition, the leading producer of Linux-based set-top boxes also was awarded second place in the competition for the „Campaign of the Year“. In this, readers decided which advertising campaign of the past year they liked best. „It is very gratifying to know readers find our advertisements appealing, and do not just skip over them“, said Karasu.

At the same time he announced that, on the one hand, the range of products is to be developed further. „We will be showing the next step at the Anga Cable show, the DM7020 HD and its flexible tuner concept”, says Karasu. On the other hand, he also plans to implement “slightly different” advertising ideas in future. „Next year, we want to take the first place in this category as well“, says the Dream spokesperson with a gleam in his eye, looking forward to the readers’ choice competition of the Auerbach publishing house next year.