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    Smile GUIDE - Dream elite 2.0 English translation

    1s Thanks to eidii (Project Manager) for this Guid
    all credit to Dream elite Team

    GUIDE-Changing Language
    By default the pictures come out Dream Elite 2.x include English and Italian. To add a language after the installation, enter the Language menu (Menu-Configuration-System-Language

    Pressing the YELLOW button opens a further menu

    where you can select additional languages ​​to be downloaded directly from the server Dream Elite.

    The Dream Team Elite provides translation updated (including the owners of the panels) in French, German and Spanish: anyone who wanted to provide additional translations can contact the administrators of the forum.
    The management of all devices has been grouped under a single menu (menu-configuration-system-device manager)

    Entering this section leads to the management of peripheral hardware of the machine

    In this menu there is an added voice over enigma2 menu classics: Memoirs of mass.

    The panel you see in the picture below is just an example and is connected to a box with a SATA drive and two USB sticks.

    It is necessary to immediately clarify the working principle of this panel as a whole image is in BETA version: the first is checked for the presence of mounted devices in fstab as if there are any of them it is impossible to mount in different places.
    Only if the device is not in fstab then you can mount it where it makes us more comfortable: this principle allows you to mount disks as / media / usb and vice versa as USB sticks / media / hdd allowing maximum freedom for the user.
    In addition to the mount is of course possible to remove the device and so far only in ext3 format: Please note that the linux kernel image installed allows the reading device is formatted in ext3, FAT32 and NTFS formatted so you can safely even from your Windows PC.

    It includes the ability to download plugins, settings, picon etc. from the server Dream Elite.
    To use this feature, press the BLUE button 2 times (BLU + BLU) appear to see the menu below:

    This panel contains three items:

    1) Download addons: allows the download and installation of applications made ​​available on the DE server
    2) Installation Manual: By entering or tbz2 ipk packages to / tmp directory, you can launch the installation manual
    3) Remove addons: You can remove the applications installed by this panel.

    Obviously you need the dreambox is connected to the Internet and network settings are correct.

    This feature is achieved by pressing BLUE + YELLOW.

    E 'in this menu you can run scripts that must be saved in / usr / script / executor.
    As you can see the image already contains some, but everyone is free to make your own script: if you post on the forum the most interesting will be entered into the next pay Drema Elite 2.0

    It provides the opportunity to create their own private server to manage the download by entering in / etc a file called dextran.
    This file must contain the URL of your server that can be clear or in encrypted form. To get your own URL in encrypted form, proceed as follows: Open the panel by pressing Crypt URL BLUE + GREEN

    OK in this menu opens the input box where you can enter the URL of your site

    Once confirmed with OK, the URL will be generated in / tmp called URLCrypted that will contain what was entered before encryption.

    The image when reading the file automatically Dextra will understand if the URL is read in clear or encrypted.

    The configuration of this service is now obtained via the DynDNS plugin which can be reached or the list of plugins or in the configuration of the network (menu-Configuration-System-Network)

    Once opened, the plugin does not need further explanation to those familiar with this service

    The image is ready for the VPN connection through the menu in the panel configuration of the network (menu-Configuration-System-Network)

    After selecting a menu opens the panel management

    From here you can start, stop and riavviarela besides VPN to see the status of the connection itself.
    Obviously, the various configuration files are edited by hand before starting the connection and the necessary drivers are already included in the image.

    The information enigma2 menu (menu - information) has been enhanced with two extra choices

    Elite Dream Disclaimer: This contains terms of allowing for the use of a Dream Elite 2.0 and it is absolutely necessary for every user to read it carefully

    Within this panel as well as the above can be found by pressing the GREEN another panel from the staff constantly updated with all new Elite Dream

    Device info: This panel is informative as the one above but applies to all information regarding the various storage devices and needs no comment.

    It does not have a menu for enabling / disabling the display as picon and 'was added a function that checks the following locations:

    • / media / usb / picon_oled
    • / media / cf / picon_oled
    • / usr/share/enigma2/picon_oled
    or LCD

    • / media / usb / picon_lcd
    • / media / cf / picon_lcd
    • / usr/share/enigma2/picon_lcd
    If any of these paths is valid restart enigma2 are activated automatically.
    In practice, after mounting the devices through the Device Manager, just download from the Download picon addons, install and restart enigma2.

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    Default Re: GUIDE - Dream elite 2.0 English translation

    Thanks eidii & drfox
    "Men who try the impossible and fail spectacularly are infinitely superior to those who reach for nothing and succeed" --Napoleon Bonapart

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