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    Welcome :)

    We all have started somewhere and allways nice with new young and eager people
    And without them we would not go forward :)

    Hei og velkommen :)

    p.s husk og les forum rules ;)


    I am an old dog that been around for many years.
    And the development has been very fast.

    I am an hobby skinner and coder but have been so for other systems.
    Now i got me self a Dreambox One UltraHD and thought this might be a good place to start.

    I have allredy crashed my box several times ad are probably going to crash i many times before i get the hang of it ;)
    But so far i have tested the few images out there and this Dream Elite image is by far the best

    So i will start all over as a newbi and probably see if i cant get some of my old OE 2.0 work over to OE 2.6

    Best Regards Seagen